Brief Description: Picture book depiction of first encounter between French explorers and First Nations villagers.

Geographical Setting: , ,

Historical Era: ,

Date Range: 1534

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Original Publication: 2019

Suitable for Grades: K-3rd

Target Audience: Picture Book

Librarian's Review

This picture book by First Nations author Brittany Luby brings hope to a portrayal of a first encounter between a single French sailor and First Nations Iroquois village fisherman. The story is based on a diary entry from Jacques Cartier which notes that he kidnapped two of the villagers and took them to France. Luckily this story has a happier ending as the two men spend the day in friendly exchange and curiosity about each other. They realize that although they speak differently, dress differently and eat strange foods, they have much to learn from each other. The beautiful illustrations by indigenous artist Michaela Goade also show this chance meeting from the perspective of the animals, as the animals contemplate the similarities between the men. At the end of the day, both men hope for another friendly meeting. This story is a good starting point for a young person’s study of the relations between European explorers and the natives. The back matter contains historical notes. A video reading by the author, with educational talking points and historical context, performed for The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens can be found here at Huntington Story Time.

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