The Good Son

Brief Description: Picture book about horrors of WW 1 as told through photographs of miniature painted soldiers

Geographical Setting: ,

Historical Era:

Date Range: 1914


Original Publication: 2019

Suitable for Grades: K-5th

Target Audience: Picture Book

Librarian's Review

A beautiful and imaginative portrayal of World War I for even the youngest readers, this picture book is comprised of photographs of painted miniature figures and sets.  Desiring to be a good son, the “little soldier” Pierre deserts the French army for two days in order to spend Christmas of 1914 with his widowed mother.  In spite of his return to duty, he is sentenced to execution as a deserter.  This is a sensitive exploration of the insanity and horrors of war and how much in common we have with even our bitterest of enemies.


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