Kaiulani, The People’s Princess

Brief Description: Diary of last princess of Hawaii, who was sent to England for school, while white businessmen angled to take over control of her beloved islands. Part of Scholastic’s Royal Diaries series

Geographical Setting: , , , , ,

Historical Era: , ,

Date Range: 1889-1893


Original Publication: 2002

Suitable for Grades: 4-8th

Target Audience: Middle Grade

Librarian's Review

Part of Scholastic’s Royal Diary series, this epistolary novel explores the life of Victoria Kaiulani, the last member of Hawaii’s monarchy. Through her diary, we get to know the young princess as she prepares for her eventual succession. At thirteen years old, she dreads leaving her beloved Ainahau estate (in present day Waikiki, Oahu) in order to be educated in England. We feel her frustration and helplessness while she waits abroad for the official call to return to the islands.  In the meantime, American businessmen and politicians wrestle for political control of Hawaii. Victoria is a very sympathetic character and the novel is well written, engaging and entertaining despite its sad ending.

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