Brief Description: Young native boy carves figure in a canoe, which then journeys downriver from a creek to the ocean via the St. Lawrence Seaway

Geographical Setting: , , ,

Historical Era:

Date Range: 1940s


Original Publication: 1941

Suitable for Grades: 3-7th

Target Audience: Middle Grade

Librarian's Review

Join a little wooden carving of an Indigenous canoe float on a four year journey from Nipigon in Canada, through the Great Lakes, and out to the sea via the St. Lawrence Seaway.  He observes the natural environments and human industries along the way.  Your budding engineers will love the detailed diagrams of sawmills, freighters and locks.  Your young cartographers will love the author’s hand drawn maps.  Even the littlest readers will enjoy searching for Paddle’s canoe in the illustrations, ala “Where’s Waldo.”

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