The Wheel on the School

Brief Description: 6 village children endeavor to entice storks back to their nests in the village

Geographical Setting: , ,

Historical Era:

Date Range: 1912 or a bit earlier*

Keywords: ,

Original Publication: 1954

Suitable for Grades: 3-8th

Target Audience: Chapter Book, Middle Grade

Librarian's Review

This might not technically be classified as historical fiction, but the story is so delightful that I include it here.  The book never specifies the time period, though it is likely in the early 20th century, set in the small village of Shora, which time and fashion has passed over.  Six school children live in this Dutch village with “just old people, so they weren’t too important.”  The childrens’ quest to entice storks back to nest on the rooftops unexpectedly unites the young and old residents of the village.

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