Runs With Horses

Brief Description: 16 yo Apache boy trains to become warrior and hunter, at time that Geronimo surrenders to U. S. government

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Historical Era: ,

Date Range: 1886

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Original Publication: 1995

Suitable for Grades: 5-8th

Target Audience: Middle Grade

Librarian's Review

A sixteen-year-old Chiricahua Apache boy, Runs With Horses, is training to become a warrior and a hunter.   He accepts and masters various challenges issued by the tribe’s elders, such as running long distances, wrestling, horse riding, archery and a kind of slingshot contest with his fellow trainees.   Also on the agenda for proving his mettle: making four raids on neighboring Spanish or American settlements. This story is based on the lives of the last renegade group of Apache, before they surrendered to American General Nelson Miles in 1886.

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