Sing Down the Moon

Brief Description: 15 yo Native American Navajo girl and her family evicted from land by American soldiers and forced to march Long Walk

Geographical Setting: , , , , ,

Historical Era: ,

Date Range: 1863-1865

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Original Publication: 1970

Suitable for Grades: 5-7th

Target Audience: Middle Grade

Librarian's Review

Fifteen-year-old Bright Morning is a young Navajo girl happily living with her family in Canyon de Chelly when American soldiers arrive to round them up and march them to Bosque Redondo in what became known as the Long Walk. Bright Morning plots her escape from Bosque Redondo with the reluctant Tall Boy, a hunter whose injured shoulder renders him almost, but not quite, useless.   This short novella is another well-researched and compelling historical novel featuring Native Americans from Scott O’Dell.

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